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2017 Wedding Trends: Where to Get Them in Atlanta!

Hello to all my newly engaged loves! It's a new month, a new year which means lots of new bridal trends for the year ahead. We're making it easy for you and featuring some of our favorite trends brides are already going crazy for in 2017. All of which you can find and source right here in the ATL.


We're finding more and more brides gravitating towards industrial and rustic settings opposed to banquet halls. The open spaces provide a blank slate for decor and naturally lend themselves to a mix of textures. The stainless still, wood planks, or exposed brick in these venues create a beautiful juxtaposition with the softness of flowers and candlelight. Thankfully, Atlanta has no shortage of these urban, rustic, chic venues. Here are some of our favorites:

A refurbished warehouse located on the Westside has that ultimate industrial chic vibe

A truly unique and historic space for an intimate wedding setting, located in beautiful Inman Park

Located in Midtown, this venue is the ultimate blank space with an industrial feel. It's able to accommodate even the largest wedding with its sprawling event space that's nestled around works of modern and contemporary art.


Tying into the urban rustic setting, decor in 2017 will be all about mixing and matching. That includes everything from color palette to rentals to floral. Popular color palettes are soft pastel colors mixed with gold and copper metallics and include pops of dark green or navy.

Unlimited Party Rental has a great selection of unique flatware to mix and match:

Brides loving a boho and rustic feel are opting for mix and matching chairs, dinner ware, and tables.

Goodwin Rentals has a nice selection of chairs, farm tables, and bars that will allow you to mix and match to your hearts' content:

Stems Atlanta earthy green and natural bouquets will blend into the theme and setting perfectly:


A mix of textures with romantic silhouettes and unexpected detail is everywhere this year. Lace, tulle, beading...all in the same gown may seem like a lot to some brides, but so many designers have woven these materials together seamlessly to create looks that are everything from dreamy to sexy to both. Here are a few different and absolutely gorgeous designs you can find right here in Atlanta.


We've been noticing a few big trends in the dessert world this year. First, the "naked cake". It hit big in 2016, and we don't predict it going anywhere soon. It's minimalistic, beautiful, and completely versatile.

Our second dessert trend is the loss of the cake altogether and introduction of the dessert bar! Endless possibilities abound with different dessert options, flavors, colors. Dessert bars can pack the same punch as a centerpiece at the reception much like a traditional cake could, but offers a wider selection of delicious treats for your guests in the ever popular small bite form.

Order yours at Fete and Figs!

And spinning off of the dessert bar theme is one of my new personal favorites. A donut bar or better yet...Donut walls! Yes, F&F can build you one of these too :)


It's all in the details. Those final little touches are a lot of times what guests remember about weddings. Make it feel personal to you with well-thought out signage, personal touches and creation of memorial and fun keepsakes.

That doesn't have to start at the wedding however. Consider a hang-over kit or as we lovingly call them "Oh Sh*t Kits" for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Believe us, your bridal party will thank you.

Make your guest book personalized and unique with the selfie and scrapbook station:

Finally, simple signage is a create, inexpensive way to offer favors:

Thank you for celebrating with us!

Party on,


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